Neck + Body Board Set


Get the body board with the neck board for total upper skeletal relief.

The Cranial board is designed with four symmetrical Cores under comfortable matting. It is small, lightweight and travel-friendly.

Place under the head/neck while using the other boards in the system. It cradles the weight of the head perfectly, so while in a relaxed state, your head will not move from one side to the other. It also helps promote the natural cervical curve we all lose as we get older. This board can be used anywhere along the spinal column. If you need firm pressure between your shoulder blades, this will do the trick.

This board is where the magic happens. The thoracic/body board, the largest board of the system, has eight strategic Cores designed to target those hard to reach muscles along the upper, mid and lower back. The comfortable matting and larger design makes it easy to enjoy a 5-20 minute relaxation session without having do a thing. The slim design makes it easy to slide under a bed or store behind a door. Use the Neck Board at the same time for optimal relaxation and relief.

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