There is no height limit to using these boards. They are designed to move up and down the back to target an area you desire. However, if you are 6’4” or taller you may choose to contact the company for custom order. Larger boards are a special ordered and a fee will be added.

The boards are not suitable for anyone over 350 pounds. Always avoid applying direct pressure on a single core ball. Body weight is meant to be distributed equally upon all core balls. In addition, never stand or jump on the board, as damage will occur.

AlignCore products are designed to be used for individuals 9 years old and older. If you’re over the age of 50, consult with your doctor to see if this product is suitable for your current health. If you suffer from osteoporosis, osteopenia, or any other disorder that causes weakness to the bones, do not use these products.

Though many pregnant women enjoy the benefits of AlignCore products, all pregnancy cases are different. Please consult with your doctor before using.

Though many individuals with herniated discs benefit by using these boards, all cases are different. It is best to consult with your doctor to assure this product is safe for your current health condition.

Please consult with your doctor on when using these boards would be appropriate.

Currently, trials are only available at the Coastline Therapy Center located in Northridge, CA. The address is 18915 Nordhoff St. #3, 91324. You can call 818-718-1975 to arrange a free trial.

Dr. Escobar has limited hours, but you can call 818-718-1975 to make an appointment. Please visit the Coastline Therapy Center website for more information.


These boards are designed to be used daily from 5 minutes to an hour. Some find them beneficial to use in the morning and evening for a shorter period of time. When first using them, try 2-4 times a week, then gradually increase if necessary.

We recommend starting off with 5-15 minute sessions. You can work your way up to 30-60 minutes during a meditation session. Do not use in a bed or couch as they are meant to be used on a hard roomy surface for relaxation therapy only. Do not use for a full night's sleep (they are not intended for that!)

If you are over 6’1” tall, you may find it comfortable to use all three boards together, however anyone else should alternate.

Typically, the Cranial Board can be used with the Lumbar (Lower Back/ Pelvis) Board OR the Body (Middle Back) Board. The Body Board can be used can be used independently or with the cervical board. The Lumbar Board is designed to be used with the Cranial board, but can also be used independently.

There is no wrong combination when using these boards. Find what works best for you and experiment. It a board causes pain or discomfort change its direction and placement.

Yes, mix it up. Some find two small Neck Boards on the lower back feel better than the Lumbar (Lower Back) Board.

Some find it a little uncomfortable to get off the body board. We recommend that when you are ready to get off, wiggle or slide down the board until you head is completely supported. After a moment, either roll off to the side or carefully sit up using your arms to push yourself up.

You can clean your board with a damp cloth & mild soap. Store your boards behind a door, in a closet or under your bed for safe keeping.

Orders, Shipping & Returns

There is a 30 day return policy for unused / new condition products. Please note that you will be responsible for return shipping charges.

There is a one-year warranty from date of purchase if there is any defect in your product. Simply contact us to tell us what happened and we will send you return shipping instructions. A replacement product will be sent to you at no charge.

Bulk discounts are available. Please contact us for pricing and to arrange the details of your order.

Shipping is included in the purchase of The Complete Align Core System only. If ordering less than the full system, shipping will be calculated at checkout.