Body (Middle Back) Board


This board is where the magic happens. The thoracic/body board is the largest board of the system and has 8 strategic Cores designed to target those hard-to-reach muscles along the upper, mid and lower back.

The comfortable matting and larger design makes it easy to enjoy a 5-20 minute relaxation session without having do a thing…Just relax. The slim design makes it easy to slide under a bed or store behind a door.

Simply place it on the floor, get your earphones ready with your favorite music, then ease onto the board and zone out. Remember to breathe deep throughout the first 3-4 minutes to allow your body to settle onto the pressure of the board.  Strongly suggested for optimal relaxation, use the cervical board at the same time. 

To clean, just use a moist towel on the fabric top and a dry towel for the wood base. 

Size: 24”x16”x4”
Weight: 7.4lbs