Cranial (Neck) Board


The Cranial Neck Board is the gem of the AlignCore System. This board is designed with four symmetrical Cores under comfortable matting. It's small, lightweight and travel-friendly.

Place under the head/neck while using the other boards in the system. It cradles the weight of the head perfectly, so while in a relaxed state, your head will not move from one side to the other. It also helps promote the natural cervical curve we all lose as we get older. 

Here’s a little secret: This board can be used anywhere along the spinal column. If you need firm pressure between your shoulder blades, this will do the trick. As a matter of fact, some people buy two Cervical Boards to intensify and target the more stubborn areas. Warning: this will create intense pressure. Remember to breathe deep throughout the first 3-4 minutes to allow your body to settle onto the pressure of the board.   

To clean, just use a moist towel on the fabric top and a dry towel for the wood base.

Size: 8”x6”x4”
Weight: 1.3lb