Lumbar (Lower Back/ Pelvis) Board


The Lumbosacral Board for Lower Back/ Pelvis pain is the most versatile board of the AlignCore System, attacking lower back pain & sciatica at its best.

The specific design of this board has four Cores located under comfortable matting. The placement of these cores are such that, when the board is turned 180 degrees, the Cores target a different group of muscles. This board targets the gluteus maximus muscle, gluteus medius muscle, gluteus minimus muscle, quadratus lumborum muscle, piriformis muscle, erector spinae muscles, the thoracolumbar facia, and more…depending on which orientation you try, it does the trick! Try both ways and do what feels best.    

To clean, just use a moist towel on the fabric top and a dry towel for the wood base.

Size: 12”x8”x4”

Weight: 1.3lb

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